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Sculpture Symposium 2015

Reipoltskirchen Germany 24/08-06/09

Marc de Roover (France)

Philippe Gouwy (België)

Peter Jacquemyn (België)

Irène Le Goaster (France)

Will Menter (France)

Monika Osiecka (Polska)

Curator Marc de Roover

All sculptures are permanently on display and are part of 'Europäischen Skulpturenstrasse des Friedens', a route from Moscow to central France.

Three silences, many shades 2
Three silences, many shades 3
04 Three silences, many shades, Reipoltskirchen, DE

Title of the sculpture: “Three silences, many shades.”
Oak partially polychromed, 500 x 150 x 900 cm (LxBxH).
In silence is everything constantly changing. Nothing is forever, nothing remains as it is, everything is in constant evolution, sometimes immediately visible (seconds, minutes), usually only after some time (years, centuries).
We are all butterflies, independently from the real time.
See the seemingly petrified movement of these oaks. With their rough appearance they are there as witnesses. Only when you look inside through the openings, you see the colorful beauty and how the light many shades generates.